‘Popular Music’
Masters course (M. Mus.)

The ‘Popular Music’ Masters practical arts course is an interdisciplinary project course aimed at artists with a Bachelor degree and artistic experience.

Aim of the course

The focus is on creating pop music as an independent art form. The course particularly profiles practical artistic work, and is aimed at artists who have already completed their studies or are working in the free art scene. As such, it concentrates on training artist personalities who seek to expand their existing practical artistic experience while simultaneously delving deeper into the central aspects of pop music and combining these in a personalised course of study.

Course profile

The aim of the course is to realise artistic development concepts as part of various artistic projects, with the students combining musical and artistic work with organisational, technical and economic aspects. The spectrum of individual artistic abilities and practical resources is enhanced by a free choice of course offerings on different design media and techniques (project components). Students are opened up to new perspectives, honing their own artistic profile. As such, they establish a functioning artistic network with fellow students, as well as with internal and external university institutions.

Master of Music

Project-based studies
for pop artists